The Weekly BUZZ: Happy President’s Day

The Weekly BUZZ…

Awards Season is upon us!

Having a ‘throw back’ BUZZ moment after recently casting our votes for our local Chambers of Commerce annual awards celebrations!  Just thinking about how special it was to win ‘The Pioneer Award’ last year from the Southern RI Chamber.  Getting an award like this from your peers is so humbling and this annual event is SO MUCH FUN!  Good luck to all of our friends in the business community!

Do you want to dance?
iDance Academy (here in our mill) has all kinds of dance classes, from Hip Hop (grown ups and little ones) to Baby and Me and everything in between!  Check out her website to see the class schedule and sign up today!  Click HERE.

Don’t forget about the eWaste event still going on but not for long so make sure you bring in your eWaste to have it recycled this week…  One of our amazing tenants (main floor of Rodman Bldg.), Bridge Technical Talent is hosting their annual e-waste event.  Click here for details.

Coworking in The Hive RI:
Have you been thinking about ‘coworking’?  We only charge $100 per month and you’re welcome to come ‘test drive at The Hive’ for zero, zip, zilch for the first couple of days!  Come on by, make yourself at home and see if this might be a good fit for you!

Exercise during your work day:
We are adjacent to Ryan Park, a beautiful wooded park owned by the town of North Kingstown that features miles of walking/running trails, ponds and streams.  So many of our community members here at The Hive RI and in the Mill at Lafayette take daily advantage of this beautiful space.  We have showers available so don’t worry about working up a sweat!

The Mill at Lafayette:
Check out the rest of our amazing businesses and community members here: business directory .  Read the blogs to learn more about what’s going on in the historic (and innovative) Mill at Lafayette and if you’re interested in joining us you can see what we have for available spaces too!

Be social:
If you haven’t already, be sure to ‘like’ and visit our Fb page to keep up on the day to day musings and goings on here in The Hive RI coworking space, as well as throughout our mill and local communities!

Happy Presidents’ Day,
Tuni, Mike & Larry