Historic Mill at Lafayette: Community Thrives Here

The Mill at Lafayette is the home to dynamic and innovative companies and entrepreneurs who think out of the box. Here professional and affordable office spaces in our historic working mill community meld with natural elements that can be so lacking in our hectic, modern lifestyles. More and more people are turning away from the traditional “9-5, Monday through Friday” grind and balancing work and personal lives. Many are seeking nature and exercise breaks during the workday, due to an increased emphasis on the dangers of sitting too much, especially in office settings. Employees want the flexibility to be able to take care of errands or personal tasks that might otherwise have to be saved until the weekend. Workers want genuine social connections and support.

In our mill complex, we are the one-stop-shop for those seeking just these things!


Many office spaces in The Mill have rustic exposed brick, as well as plenty of natural light, creating a productive and peaceful work environment. In addition, our mill property abuts Ryan Park where our tenants can hike, meditate, or eat lunch in a natural setting. Or, take your laptop outside and work in the sunshine. Getting out in nature each day brings incredible benefits to body and mind. On the physical side, nature brings lowered blood pressure, decreased depression, and increased immune system function. For the mind, nature can provide increased focus, productivity, and creativity. Bring a friend, coworker, or fellow tenant and reap the mental and physical health benefits of strong social connections.


The Mill at Lafayette is a thriving business community where you may work independently but also work together – here at the Mill we call it “working alone together.” The sharing of resources and ideas in our collaborative community is another benefit. Collaboration in the workplace is a growing trend among leading businesses, and has countless benefits for companies and individuals alike. This spirit of collaboration fosters increased productivity and revenue, strengthening networks and relationships. In addition, here at The Mill we have professional presentations, art exhibits, lunch and learn events and more that connect us to the people around us and inspire.


With the diversity of businesses that call The Mill their home, another benefit is simply glancing through our tenant directory to find any of your fellow tenants that can provide services for you and your business. From web design to marketing services, insurance to law services, our supportive infrastructure brings peace of mind knowing that valuable time will not be wasted getting the services your business needs. Keeping business in our community strengthens the Mill and the greater Rhode Island business community at large. The shared service offerings at The Mill are a win-win for all involved!

If you would like more information on becoming part of the Mill at Lafayette, contact us today. We look forward to welcoming you!