Weekly BUZZ – Food Truck Thursdays Begin THIS Thursday!


Food Truck Thursdays…start this week!  Woohoo.
We are SO excited to announce Food Truck Thursdays are starting this Thursday!  Mark your calendars, tell your friends & stop by the Mill at Lafayette for lunch! *They’ll be parked around back!

Have you checked out our blogs?  We have the millatlafayette.com website chock full of information (including our blogs) in case you’re in the mood to peruse!

Exercise at the Mill?
Check out our Fb page for Pause at the Mill and please feel free to share.  We have classes listed as ‘events’ – take a 1/2 hour or more to just ‘pause’ and recharge your battery…*New Schedule here!

Networking & Business Development
Our Lunch & Learn program will start back up next Thursday, August 18th. We’ll be sharing presenters and more information in next Monday’s Weekly BUZZ!

Join our Mill at Lafayette community…we are offering a really great special – sign a lease by 9/1 and get your first month’s rent FREE! Reach out to: tuni@trsstrategies.com or call 401-255-7413.  Here’s a list of available spaces open within the mill.  There’s a video on this page that shows the 3rd floor that is now ready!

Sales professionals (and others who only need an office one or two days per week)…we have one furnished flex office available starting 9/1 for $175 per month for 2 days per week.  If you’re interested please let us know as we already have one signed up and can only have 3-4 (there are only so many days to ‘share’ during the week!).  Email tuni@trsstrategies.com.

And…don’t forget we continue to offer our awesome deal at The Hive RI of $100 monthly memberships for our coworking space – total access Monday thru Friday 9:00-5:00 & so much more!

Social Media
Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Fb – we share information there on a daily basis!

We are SO excited to announce…’it’s official, Cindy Wilson Photography (our photographer in residence here at the Mill) will be a permanent rotating show’ (on the left side where the internal offices are) here at The Hive RI.  She is such a busy lady with shows throughout the region on a regular basis, teaching photography to individuals and classes, and traveling the world with her Profundo Journeys groups but somehow she manages to keep our walls filled with beautiful works of art.

Michelle Gradus Parenteau’s Soul Awakening Art Show is still up too.  Only a couple of weeks left to check out her beautiful work before we set up the much anticipated Mill at Shady Lea artists’ show!

We recommend self-guided tours anytime during regular coworking hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00) and if you are interested in purchasing any artwork within our gallery – please email tuni@trsstrategies.com.

The Hive RI and the Mill at Lafayette have very affordable space options, from open coworking space(s), to individual offices of differing sizes, to a private conference room, or you can even reserve the larger space(s) for your own events, presentations or workshops!