The Weekly Buzz: Community Based Economy

The Weekly BUZZ…

Community Based Economy
Community is what we’re all about…whether you’re a member of the coworking space here at The Hive RI or whether you’re a tenant in our larger mill community, a person or a group in our local community or part of the RI business community…

We often refer to our on-going growth as a ‘Community Based Economy’ and I know that might sound confusing to some so here’s a basic definition: ‘Recently, the more mainstream approach of Independent Business Alliance organizing has spread across the U.S., helping independent, locally owned businesses compete effectively and countering the spread of corporate chains at the local level.’ for more of an explanation, click here. But, either way, you get the idea – basically ‘together we are stronger’. We are so proud of all the amazing people and businesses that make up our community here at The Hive RI and the Mill at Lafayette and can’t believe how we continue to grow as new members are joining weekly! We are very excited to welcome back Janelle Blakely Photopoulos & her Blakely Interior Design team. Janelle moved her new business into one of The Hive’s 4 private offices a few years ago, outgrew that space, moved to Wakefield for the last couple of years, has outgrown that space and will be moving into their permanent (hopefully anyway) space here within the Mill this week. Pictures and official announcement coming soon.

Coworking in The Hive RI
Have you been thinking about ‘coworking’? We only charge $100 per month and you’re welcome to come ‘test drive at The Hive’ for zero, zip, zilch for the first couple of days! Come on by, make yourself at home and see if this might be a good fit for you!

The Mill at Lafayette
Check out the rest of our amazing businesses and community members here. Read the blogs to learn more about what’s going on in the historic (and innovative) Mill at Lafayette and if you’re interested in joining us you can see what we have for available spaces too!

Be social
If you haven’t already, be sure to ‘like’ and visit our Fb page to keep up on the day to day musings and goings on here in The Hive RI coworking space, as well as throughout our mill and local communities!

Tuni, Mike & Larry