5 Reasons Why You Should Work From a Historic Mill

Working out of a historic mill is a little different than the “typical” 9-5 grind, but those of us who work here absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way! Here are 5 of the top reasons why you should consider moving your company or small business to a historic mill site, like the Lafayette Mill!

1.) It Sure Beats the Cubicle: Since they’re built upon so much rich history, mills have a much different feel than a florescent-lit, white-walled cubicle. The Lafayette Mill has countless spaces with exposed brick, original woodwork and architectural features, and natural lighting. At the Lafayette Mill, the relaxing sounds of the waterfall and chickens next door can be heard in the background. There’s also miles of walking/running trails in a town owned park available to mill tenants!

At the Lafayette Mill, there is also a ton of programming available to tenants! Mill tenants love The Hive RI’s Lunch & Learn program, which features a different mini-presentation each week, Pause at the Mill wellness studio with all kinds of classes from yoga to core strengthening, as well as the Mill’s new Food Truck Thursdays, which brings in local food trucks around lunchtime each Thursday.

2.) It’s Super Cost-Effective: Rent for a professional space at a mill is very affordable! At least it is at the Lafayette Mill. For most of the available spaces at the Mill at Lafayette, HVAC, electricity, and wifi are included with rent!

The Lafayette Mill currently has a new tenant special: sign and make your deposit by September 1st, 2016 and get a month’s rent FREE! Learn more here.

3.) The Countless Benefits of Shared Service Offerings: Many office tenants at a mill feel a strong sense of community with their fellow tenants, which is another reason why mill workplaces are so unique. In a mill office community, you’re likely to find a variety of business professionals, from accountants who appreciate the historic mill aesthetic, to eccentric artists who find inspiration in the mill’s natural lighting and exposed brick. This is advantageous to all involved – if you ever need a new website built, there’s probably a web developer right down the hall from you, or if you ever need advice on a project, your peers in the office next door are usually happy to help!

4.) It’s All About Community: As mentioned above, office tenants at a mill are usually bound by a strong sense of community, which in itself has many advantages for employee retention and morale. Building a community, rather than just a workplace, is something that more and more companies are striving to do, as many of the top companies are showing that this is an excellent way to increase overall company performance.

The Lafayette Mill has a thriving community! Office tenants rave about the unique comradery and community that has been bred here.

5.) You’re a Part of History: And finally, if you are an office tenant at a historic mill, you’re ultimately a part of something much larger than yourself. Not only are you working in a unique space with an amazing community behind you, but you are helping to preserve an important part of history. Putting historic mills to good use and preserving them carefully ensures that they will be admired and put to good use for many years to come.

Interested in joining a historic mill community? Be sure to contact us at the Mill at Lafayette before our new tenant special ends!