The Weekly BUZZ: Spring At The Mill

🐝 The Queen Bee (me/Tuni) is back 100%!
🐝 The Mill at Lafayette business community is thriving!
🐝 And, we’ve decided to bring back programming to The Hive RI! 

🌱 The Fall of last year brought me back full time to The Hive RI, Mill and my consulting practice as I completed the 2nd of two fractional leadership roles.  I’ll admit it took me the rest of 2021 and into 2022 to settle back in fully but I am settled now and it feels so great to be truly ‘home’!

🗞 We are excited to announce that with such a robust community that has grown here at the mill, it is time to bring back programming to The Hive RI!  I am busy meeting with food vendors/trucks, as well as working on building out programming to support small businesses, and events and programming that will introduce us to innovation and expertise in many areas from Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to the growing Blue Economy and so much more!

Did you know that The Hive RI now boasts 7 offices (currently full) plus open coworking space?  We continue to serve as a community based art gallery and love the sea creatures that are currently adorning our walls by Joann Seddon.  We will be announcing an open house in the coming weeks, as well as the non-profit she has chosen to donate a portion of sales to.

The Mill community (outside of The Hive RI) continues to grow and thrive and with a great diversity of businesses and professionals!  If you’d like to join us, we have a few spaces open, check out our availability here.  There is a space right next to Herbs & Mylk on the main floor of the Rodman Building (same building as The Hive but we’re down on the back corner) and a very cool space on the top floor that could stay as is or be redesigned into smaller spaces – that will depend on who comes first!

Follow us on social! I am going to start posting more to our Instagram and Facebook so please follow us if you’re not already! 

💡 If you have ideas for programming or would like more information on any of the available spaces or maybe would like a day pass to ‘test drive at The Hive’, please reach out!  You can even just respond to this email.

For more information:
Mike Baker: or
Tuni Schartner:

Tuni, Mike & Larry

📷 A shout out to Cindy Wilson Photography for this Spring at the Mill throw back picture.  A true classic that I love to bring out every year.  Thank you Cindy!