The Weekly BUZZ: Reiki at The Hive

Reiki and so much more at The Hive RI!

Friday officially wrapped up September here with Uncle Jay’s ‘Last Friday Coffee’ and we had another great, engaged crowd and a special guest appearance by Savannah Martin of Commerce RI talking about the SupplyRI program and this week’s event at Innovate Newport.  If you are a RI based supplier please think about registering here and if you have any questions please reach out by replying to this email.  I was happy to be an early supporter of this program so am happy to answer any questions!  

The doors were open all weekend as Alyssa Knapp of Integrative Wellness RI taught Reiki 1 & 2 trainings all weekend at The Hive RI, and she even incorporated the waterfall as part of the trainings.  In case you missed last month’s program on how to ‘Stress Less at Work’ stay tuned for another free program she’ll be offering in October! 

Is coworking for you?

  • Have you been thinking that you really need to get out of your home office?  
  • Have you been wishing you could work with other interesting people?
  • For  $150 per month, you can work here 5 days a week as much as you need (or want) to! 

And:  Did you know that you can use our mailing address to receive mail and to use on your collateral material/website for an additional $25 per month (minimum 12 month commitment)?

If you’re looking for more privacy then an office in the mill complex might be for you – email Mike at  *We are almost full so hurry up! 

Coworking at The Hive RI
Do you work at home?  Do you work out of cafes like Starbucks or Panera Bread?  Do you need an address on your business collateral/website?  Come by The Hive RI anytime from 9-5 Monday through Friday & try out working ‘alone together’ in a space that isn’t a coffee shop or a restaurant but still has that same kind of feel.  We have couches, chairs, tables and desks, coffee and internet connection.  It’s not for everyone but it’s perfect for some! 

NEWS ALERT: Watch for an upcoming series of thoughtful discussions on important topics! 

*We hosted a meaningful community breakfast with an engaged group Sunday morning with Patti Fish, author of ‘Who’s Caring for the Commons’.  For more information on this book and the mission, click HERE.

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Tuni, Mike & Larry