The Weekly BUZZ: Events and CoWorking

The Weekly BUZZ… 

AMP-RI (Assoc. of Marketing Professionals) monthly event tomorrow night!
From 5:30 – 7:00 at one of our favorite local eateries, Sonoma Wine Bar & Bistro.  The Brand Is Me featuring Katie McDonald.  Katie will speak about her transition from life at Time, Inc. to building her bnourished brand.  No marketing or IT department.  No incentive trips to Morocco.  No corporate Amex card.  Just a life long personal pursuit of well being and a deep commitment to transform the world one mindful habit at a time.  Learn from her bumpy journey as she finally learned how to transfer the skills that made her early career to the brand that nourished her!  Register here.

Need Space?
We are currently building out 3 spaces that should be ready by July 1st and aren’t rented out yet!  They are ground level, around back & next door to The Hive.  There are two private offices that will be $325 per month and one larger space that is $500 per month (*we are also thinking about making this space two small offices at $300 each?) All require a minimum one year lease.  Reach out if you’re interested!

Is Coworking for you?
Do you work at home?  Do you work out of cafes like Starbucks or Panera Bread?  Come by The Hive RI anytime from 9-5, Monday through Friday, & try out working ‘alone together’ in a space that isn’t a coffee shop or a restaurant but still has that same kind of feel.  We have couches, chairs, tables and desks, internet connection.  We won’t charge you for the first time or two.  It’s not for everyone but it’s perfect for some.  Email Tuni, a.k.a. ‘The Queen Bee’, if you have any questions…

Looking for a new place to work?
Here at The Hive RI we have the open coworking option (which we explain above) available at $100 per month.  A great option whether you just want it a couple/few days a month or 5 days a week!

If you’d like to come meet with us and get on the list please let us know.  Check out our available spaces and if you’re interested please call Mike at 401-255-7413 or email Mike: or Tuni:

The Mill at Lafayette:
Check out the rest of our amazing businesses and community members here: business directory.

Be social:
If you haven’t already, be sure to ‘like’ and visit our Fb page to keep up on the day to day musings and goings on here in The Hive RI coworking space, as well as throughout our mill and local communities!

Have a fabulous week,
Tuni, Mike & Larry