The Hive BUZZ: SPECIAL EVENTS Announcement

BIG Event Friday

Networking & Learning opportunities to GROW your business… We have plenty for you to choose from this Friday with 2 events in one day!

Friday morning, as we mentioned in yesterday’s Weekly BUZZ, we have Uncle Jay’s Traveling Breakfast Network here at The Hive RI.  Come on by (tell your friends too) & don’t forget your business cards.  We’ll have Allie’s Donuts and coffee PLUS some seriously fun (and worthwhile…talking ROI here!) networking so it’s a win/win and you won’t want to miss it!  For more info, click HERE.

Then, if you still have enough energy or weren’t able to make the morning event…our Hivers from Hub Digital Marketing, Amy Fields and Tuni Schartner, will be presenting at the East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learnat Finn’s Harborside at noon.  It’s going to be a robust Q & A on all things Digital/Integrated Marketing.  Our colleague and HUGE Hive supporter, Patricia Raskin of Raskin Resources, will also be on that panel with Amy and Tuni answering questions about how radio and podcasts can be part of an integrated marketing strategy! To register and learn more about this event, click HERE.

Continued professional development is so very important and we hope you’ll be able to attend either of these events.  If you can’t this time but you are interested in coworking…grab your work and come on by.  We won’t charge you anything the first day or two…seriously!  So swing in, grab a seat, settle in and crank out some serious work in a relaxed yet professional environment!  Here’s a video that kind of nails what coworking and connectedness is all about, click here to watch!