(North Kingstown, RI) – Tenaciously dedicated to the Southern Rhode Island business community, Tuni Schartner of The Hive RI received the honor of receiving the “Community Champion” award in the 2016 Rhode Island Small Business Journal’s Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Awards. The ceremony, held last Thursday, April 29th at the historic Slater Mill, featured hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and a lively award ceremony.

“We celebrate the third annual Entrepreneurial Women to Watch Awards that began in 2014 as a way to honor the most confident, tenacious, professional, and sophisticated women industry leaders in our state and the incredible work they’ve been doing,” says the Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

Out of over 400 applicants, Tuni Schartner received one of three Community Champion awards, celebrating her “community-based addiction” to the Rhode Island small business community. Along with partners Larry Zevon and Mike Baker, Tuni built a collaborative, community-based co-working facility, located in the historic Lafayette Mill complex in North Kingstown.

“At its peak,” said Schartner, “the Lafayette mill employed more than 500 people. I thought it would be an amazing homage to Rhode Island’s history to try to breathe the same ‘buzz’ back into a space that was once so valuable to the surrounding community. And so, the ‘colony’ at The Hive RI was born.”

The Hive is a supportive infrastructure for anyone in business – from students, to small business owners, to prominent business professionals. The Hive provides programming and events intended to inform, educate, and support professionals in all phases of their business development. From optimizing a LinkedIn profile to holistic health workshops to integrating events and social media, The Hive is constantly expanding and evolving as they continue to work with, and listen to, the community. They also hold weekly “Lunch and Learns” where Hive members and all members of the community are welcome to have lunch and be presented with a different business topic each week. Additionally, the shared service offerings (i.e., website development, marketing and PR consulting/coaching, writing/content creation, design, financial advisors, accounting services, etc.) available within The Hive community continue to become apparent and benefit all involved.
For more information on The Hive or to become a member, please visit: thehiveri.com or contact Tuni at (401) 996-7822.

Community Champion Award Recipient Tuni Schartner

tuni schartner

Community Champion Award Recipient Tuni Schartner with Ralph Coppolino and Gil Lantini.

mill at lafayette