The Benefits of Shared Spaces

The Hive RI

More and more companies, including leading innovators like Google, Microsoft, and Twitter are reaping the benefits of collaborative work environments. Coworking, collaborative environments create their own version of community and makes people feel interconnected. Collaboration has countless benefits for companies and individuals alike. This spirit of collaboration fosters increased productivity and revenue, strengthening networks and relationships.

Shared Spaces

Shared spaces are an inherently important part of a co-working community and encourage collaboration. Here at The Hive RI, our Hive members really value the shared space(s) and appreciate having multiple choices of work setups from reclining chairs to couches to stand up tables to desks.  We also offer a conference room. Our conference room is a private area separate from The Hive’s open office space and is available for our Hive members to use for conference calls, meetings, or whatever they might need. It is also available for rent to the general public. In addition to our Hive members and Mill community, we have many different outside businesses, groups and organizations that use the conference room or our large open space to have off-site meetings, hold retreats, breakout sessions, workshops, presentations and more (we’ve even had an upcoming production/play hold auditions here).

Our Hive members also love being able to “work alone together.” At The Hive, you always have the choice between working solo at one of our desks, plugged in and hyper focused or collaborating together at one of our large tables. You can simply turn to the person next to you, and perhaps you’ll find a graphic designer, editor, marketer, or web developer at your service.  It’s really amazing how many different professionals we have here!

“Work Alone Together” With Us! 

Interested in joining our collaborative coworking environment? We have available space at The Hive, as well as in the Lafayette Mill.  And…we will also have affordable flex office membership options starting on 9/1/16 – perfect for the sales professional or lawyer!  Don’t forget, the conference room (or our larger open space after hours/weekends) is available for your next event or meeting! If you would like more information on becoming part of the Mill at Lafayette community, contact us today. We look forward to welcoming you!