lafayette mill north kingstown, ri

5 reasons why the Mill at Lafayette should be your next office location…

Are you considering moving your business or office to the Mill at Lafayette? At the Mill, sixteen thousand square feet of professional and affordable office space will soon become available. Let us inspire you to take the leap by offering a few of the top reasons why setting up shop at the Mill is a great idea with benefits to you, your business, and an entire community of folks.

The pleasing aesthetic.
History and community certainly take precedence here, but it is the inherent beauty of places like the Mill at Lafayette that will draw you in initially. You will notice the architecture – the towers of red brick, the big windows, the large, open, breathable spaces. The natural beauty outdoors completes the experience – the running waterfall, birdsongs and paths lined with trees in Ryan Park. People are drawn to these places, where pieces of the past come together to form a picture of the present; generations have contemplated the beauty here. We invite you to imagine and contrast an experience of working in a place like this to the token office building – bland, dry and sterile. Of the two, which is most conducive to growth and creativity?

The active, vibrant community.
The Mill community is second to none and growing by the day. Take a look at our tenant directory for an idea of who you’ll be joining. Some highlights are the fabulous co-working space of The Hive and the weekly farmer’s market from November to April with its fresh produce and local artisans. There are dozens of professionals: hair stylists, lawyers, therapists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, strategists, designers, nonprofits and more. These are the people that you will be joining in this space every day.

The connections you will make.
At the Mill, “together we are stronger.” This is a place to make connections with others. Sometimes it may just be an inspiring conversation on the picnic table by the waterfall at lunch that brightens your spirits and your workday, other times you may create connections that will become catalysts in the growth of your business. Networking isn’t simply handing out your business card at events, it is creating meaningful connections that may lead in directions you never thought possible.

The preservation of history.
By moving to the Mill, you are taking an active roll in the preservation of our history. It is important that we take care of our historical sites and educate others about them, and by moving to the Mill, you are preserving an historical site by giving life to it. Because of this, the Mill is not merely history – it is history in the making. It is a place where great things are happening now, and will continue to happen in the future. Best of all, it is a place that adapts quite nicely to the changes that time and innovation bring.

The work space.
You will have to visit to understand why the spacial design and proportion inside the mill are so outstanding. Nothing compares to the high ceilings and historic character. There is ample natural light coming through the beautiful, tall windows. There is room to think here. Speaking from experience, this is truly a place that fosters growth and creativity.

The Mill at Lafayette is located at 650 Ten Rod Road in North Kingstown, within walking distance from the Wickford Junction train station. Parking is plentiful and things are always abuzz. Come take a look and discover for yourself, give us a call at 401-255-7413 or send us an email at