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Weekly BUZZ – Community Spotlight and Lunch & Learn

Community Spotlight:

We are crazy proud of the growing community within The Hive RI & throughout the Mill at Lafayette.  We love to shout out loud about our community members – check out this month’s ‘Community Spotlight‘…Jessica Filkins & Jahmu!  Read more here.

This Thursday’s Lunch & Learn:

Join us this Thursday, noon-1:00, for ‘Hassled to Happy’ with Mary O’Sullivan of Encore Executive Coaching – one of our very own community members here at the mill!

Done with 80-hour work weeks, living out of a suitcase and neglecting your health? Are you at the top of your profession, but got laid off in a merger or acquisition? Did you fail to see the handwriting on the wall? Are you too young to retire, too old to be promoted and feeling burned out and miserable? Then this workshop is for you!
A 4 Step Process to Clarify What You Really Want and Take Action to Get It

  • Learn to take small steps to make big changes
  • How to get what you deserve from your current situation when contemplating a job, career or relationship change.
  • How to tell what you can and cannot control about your current situation.
  • When and How to Formulate your Plan B

Learn more and RSVP here!

Exercise at the Mill?

Check out our Fb page for Pause at the Mill and please feel free to share. We are currently looking for interested practitioners – please email tuni@trsstrategies.com if you are interested in teaching a class or classes!  We don’t just serve our Mill at Lafayette community…we are hoping to build a health, wellness and exercise space to benefit many!


Join our Mill at Lafayette community…we are offering a really great special – sign a lease by 10/1 (we’ve extended it a bit) and get your first month’s rent FREE! Reach out to: tuni@trsstrategies.com or call Mike at 401-255-7413. Here’s a list of available spaces open within the mill. There’s a video on this page that shows the 3rd floor that is now ready!

Coworking Deal

And…don’t forget we continue to offer our awesome deal at The Hive RI – $100 monthly memberships for our coworking space – total access Monday thru Friday 9:00-5:00 & so much more!

Social Media

Do you like us?  On Facebook that is!  If you haven’t already… ‘like’ us on Fb – we share information there on a daily basis!

Did you know we’re an Art Gallery? Stop by to see Cindy Wilson Photography (our photographer in residence here at the Mill) a permanent rotating show here at The Hive RI.  She is such a busy lady with shows throughout the region on a regular basis, teaching photography to individuals and classes, and traveling the world with her Profundo Journeys groups but somehow she manages to keep our walls filled with beautiful works of art.

We recommend self guided tours anytime during regular coworking hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00) and if you are interested in purchasing any artwork within our gallery – please email tuni@trsstrategies.com.


The Hive RI and the Mill at Lafayette have very affordable space options, from open coworking space(s), to individual offices of differing sizes, to a private conference room, or you can even reserve the larger space(s) for your own events, presentations or workshops!